Daily Dev Log for November 15th, 2017


##Daily Dev Log for November 15th, 2017

Hey everyone! Here’s what everyone on the team has been working on over the course of today, November 15th, 2017.

@Zak continued working on Global Chat, finishing the porting of the Multi Switch and Slider widgets from UMG to Slate, which should cover all setting types in the Chatbox widget.

@macdguy doesn’t work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

@Lifeless worked on art for the Plaza.

@Madmijk went to bed early, feeling fatigued.

@Johanna spent the day assembling her new computer and installing work software.

@Caboose700 doesn’t work Wednesdays and Thursdays.

@Wergulz finished cataloging animations to the library, and reviewed old animations to note more important changes that need to be made.

@Deniz recovered from a basement flood yesterday, recovered from perforce overwriting his work, and migrated the latest engine code to our updated source control systems.

That’s what everyone at PixelTail Games has been working on today! See you all tomorrow!


would it be unreal 4.18? or 4.17


Holy crap, I hope he’s alright, flooding is a big deal.


Unreal 4.18


I hope you’re doing alright.


That’s what ye get for drinking expired milk.

So he’s the one who’s been spraying grafitti saying “MacDGuy is the worst!” everywhere.

First macdguy and now also Caboose, the virus is spreading.


It’s been like that for awhile.