Daily Dev Log for December 14th, 2017


##Daily Dev Log for December 14th, 2017

Hey everyone! Here’s what everyone on the team has been working on over the course of today, December 14th, 2017.

@Zak continued working on Steam Workshop, adding a shader system with hot-reloading to speed up iterative shader development in the viewer application.

@macdguy tested the latest build. He renamed the settings category “Gameplay” to “Game/HUD” to make it more clear for new users, and refactored the footstep sound logic. He added a “landed footstep” sound when you land after jumping (based on the surface you landed on), and refactored the player animation play rate scaling when using potions. He fixed a dialogue type with Kaylen (corrected “That’s all the matters” to “That’s all that matters”). He also renamed the character “King” from the Halloween Event Exchange to “King Arthritis”, and he fixed several issues that were found with the Plaza after play-testing.

He also continued working on Winter Events, adding support for sliding on ice in the Lobby. He created the artwork for the patch notes, created the Winter Plaza icons for the main menus, and fixed an issue where the fountain “TU” sculpture would toggle on while the Christmas tree was placed on it. He applied snow and ice material settings to various materials in the Lobby, and made it so that snow, dirt, and carpet now use the “grass” footstep sounds (until @Will replaces them).

Lastly, he focused on fixing some regressions from the Unreal Engine 4.18 upgrade. He fixed the media player plugin startup issue, fixed the golf pocket and voice sounds not adhering to the volume settings, and fixed the laser bridges on the Minigolf map, Emission not adhering to the volume settings. He fixed an issue where chat messages wouldn’t send if the chat filter was disabled, fixed an issue where voice chat would not be re-enabled if it was disabled, and fixed an issue where the chat message sound effects wouldn’t play despite being turned on in the settings.

@Foohy continued worked on fixing some of the 4.18 build issues, and looked into fixing some bugs/regressions with Bowling and the Monorail.

@Lifeless continued working on the Zombie Massacre map, Gasoline.

@Matt fixed the Waffle item (was missing the bottom), and started creating a Flamethrower weapon for Zombie Massacre.

@Madmijk continued creating turrets for Zombie Massacre, working on improving performance and polishing the aiming behavior.

@Johanna continued working on the Winter Plaza, worked on the Underwater Condo patch, and fixed some issues in the Minigolf map, Forest.

@Caboose700 started testing the Tower Unite update, built production lighting on the Minigolf maps, Forest and Sweet Tooth, and upgraded the art server to cope with additional load.

@donglekumquat continued working on music for Zombie Massacre.

That’s what everyone at PixelTail Games has been working on today! See you all tomorrow!




Talking to him must really be a pain, let’s just hope he doesn’t stiff you one.
Now im just curious why he’s always resting.

My future way of leaving a conversation in the lobby:

Now im imagining a model of the TU tower with a Christmas tree growing out of the side of it.

Someone is gonna report this as a bug, i guarantee it.