Daily Dev Log for December 11th, 2017


##Daily Dev Log for December 11th, 2017

Hey everyone! Here’s what everyone on the team has been working on over the course of today, December 11th, 2017.

@Zak continued working on Steam Workshop. Today he fixed the section locators in the model format (incorrect seek offsets) and fixed duplicate texture inputs being ignored, resulting in them not being added to their material targets. He fixed unnamed meshes overwriting each other, making it so that unnamed meshes now automatically generate unique names. He added automatic path resolving for texture inputs, added functionality for extracting textures from a compiled model, and added a utility function for splitting file paths into separate directory and filename strings. Outside of Workshop, he helped @Madmijk with sorting arrays and module dependencies.

@macdguy continued working on the Winter Update, setting up the Snowball Battle minigame in the main Plaza map, fixing the Plaza fountain snow material issues, fixing the Christmas tree position on the fountain, and adding some presents to the Christmas Tree. He also worked on the Weather Event System, reworking the system that @Johanna setup to be replicated. He also cleaned up the system so that it’s expandable for future events. This Weather Event System means we can now have weather events (like snow and thunderstorms) happen randomly throughout the Plaza. He investigated several issues with regression and building our game (some issues in the Trivia Podium), and fixed several warnings and errors. Lastly, he fixed the lighting in the House and Highrise condos due to the engine upgrade.

@Lifeless continued working on the Zombie Massacre map, Gasoline.

@Matt continued working on the Spas-12 Model for Zombie Massacre, collapsing the high poly mesh, UVing the low poly, and baking the textures.

@Madmijk continued creating turrets for Zombie Massacre, continuing to work on the functions to sort zombies by their distance to the turret, so that it can prioritize shooting at nearby zombies. He got some help from @Zak regarding the sorting.

@Johanna made some finishing touches on the decorations for the Plaza Winter Events and on the Winter Season Art for the Plaza. She upgraded the visuals on the monorail bridge, and worked on the updated plasma rifle model for Virus. Lastly, she implemented snow storms in the Plaza with the Weather Event System.

@Caboose700 transcribed the Meeting Notes, talked with @Foohy and @macdguy about achievement implementation, and configured the art backup server to backup to BackBlaze B2.

@Wergulz worked on the Fists Melee Animation set.

@donglekumquat continued working on music for Zombie Massacre, he’s about halfway done with laying out the first main round song, and he started composing the second.

@Krionikal resumed work on animating the Sonic Shotgun.

@Deniz worked to unify his Golfball PhysX stability fixes. He made two of them, both of which are major changes affecting the engine, one is time-stepping related, the other is collision related. More testing is required, he tried to find a better algorithm to detect “bad” collisions, and he spent a bunch of time trying to tweak the fixed time-step parameters.

That’s what everyone at PixelTail Games has been working on today! See you all tomorrow!


Oooooo, this could maybe lead to a arena minigame about fighting!


I think we’ll call it, Fight club.
Now we just need some rules on how it works.

Get ready to get snowed in in the tower.
That and extreme hypothermia