Daily Challenges

How about a system that would give you a set of things to do that day? I think it would help boost player count. The challenges could be stuff like:

  • Get first place in Ball Race

  • Infect 3 players in a Virus game

  • Ride the rollercoaster

  • Answer 5 Trivia question correctly

  • Acquire 2,500 Units

  • Open 3 Catsacks

The rewards for doing these challenges would be a sum of Units. Not too much, but not too little to make it worth doing.

I personally love this. I know we’ve talked about it in developer calls before. Execution of this… that’s something else as it won’t be easy to make.


After revisiting Killing Floor 2 recently for probably the first time since it left early access, I’ve been loving the new Daily Objectives system they have to earn bonus XP. It’s just something fun to work at daily and feel “accomplished”. +1

What do you think i have half a million units in my bank or something?


But seriously this would be a really nice addition to the game as long as they don’t reward you with super rare limited edition items you can only get that day from the daily challenges.
Would be really nice if it gave you varying amounts of say units based on how hard the challenge is, or if completing challenges could count towards an achievement or milestone.

ahem cough cough


Not sure about units as a reward, I was thinking exclusive items you can only get through daily challenges. It would further give players something to work toward instead of just having a lot of units piling up. Maybe a special kind of catsack that you can only earn once a day/one per objective completed?


I feel like exclusive items could be saved for milestones regarding daily challenges. A milestone for completing 100 objectives would unlock some sort of item whereas the objectives could be units or smaller items or units. Completing every goal in a day could have a bonus of a catsack or something.


This sounds good too.

Gold catsack for completing all the dailies :scream_cat::ok_hand:


Haha I wish. In all seriousness though, I could see it working like tiered challenges:

Daily: Normal
Weekly: Silver
Monthly: Gold

Not sure if it should be different challenges for the tiers or just “Complete 30 days of objectives” but it’d be a nice reward for dedicated players.




Isn’t this what achievements in GMT were about? Just bring the achievements back and there ya go.

It’s slightly different. It’s like achievements that reset every day and are new.


Hmm…I’d be happy with achievements. Do you know how long I had to grind that jumping one from GMT? lol…I think I got the dang achievement a month before GMT stopped. You just need some of those long grind things for us achievement wh@res. Because a lot of gamers are. We just love getting achievements done.

But both are fine. I just think the longer the grind, the longer people will stay in the game.

achievements are planned and so are badges. the achievements will most likely doing things for the first time or doing it 200, or maybe discovering secrets (the stray for example)

I just placed a coffee cup on the kitchen counter in my condo, stood on it and spammed space, got half of the required amount within 4 days.

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I was honestly thinking of posting something like this, and i agree, its a great suggestion. It also adds motive to play the game daily. I think whatd be a good idea is to have the devs create a multitude of triggers within the game along with a multitude of different tasks. Every day the game will randomly select say… 3 tasks for the users daily task list, setting them to active so that its listening for those particular events… i mean there could be separate difficulty levels for some tasks, the game taking one task from each difficulty each day, each difficulty in turn having its own level of rewards.


it will also make more people join the game ahem ahem

as much as i love this idea, i would bet my cat for this to be added.

Is Nice

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