Instead of the train just appearing once someone joins I would like to see an actual animation of someone getting off the train. I would also like the spawn area to be somewhat expanded to be a bit more like an actual subway.



I think it’s a cool idea.

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Sounds like the next evolution to me!

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I would also like this.

To make it better though, it would be cool if you had maybe 1 or 2 NPC’s that board the trains that arrive every now and then, to at least make it feel like you are in an actual subway station along the line rather than just a station that isn’t really connected to any other stations.


Good idea! :green_heart:

YES. This is one of the things I’ve wanted ever since Tower Unite was announced.

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Suppose in some ways its a bit like the HL2 intro.

This is really cool idea! :+1:

I support this idea, I like it alot!

Rise and… Shine, Mr. Freeman…

I suppose it would be pretty cool if you got to ride the train into the tower for like 15 seconds ( or maybe longer and get a view of the whole area from the outside of the play space.

I really would donate more for this! Kappa but it’s actually cool! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve always wanted stuff like this to be in TU, purely due to it being made with UE4. It would show off how capable the engine is.