Customizable clothes

Hey !

I thought customizable clothes would be nice, at least for t-shirts (like having a Iron Maiden shirt)
It could be nice but it looks hard to do.

Nah, shouldn’t be too hard to do, depending on the way we do it. I am pretty sutre this was pretty much planned, just barely talked about.

This was kinda suggested already, in the form of allowing certain clothing items to have decals applied to them.

Hentai, loli, cats T-shirts everywhere, but anyway it`s a good idea.

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I feel like if it worked like APB…that’d be awesome.

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APB is my favourite game at the moment lol

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, no thank you. Trying to draw anything with those stupid shape-layering things is the absolute worst. Just let me upload my own images.

Most likely will be a thing (after Early Access), with an option to turn it off completely or hide them per player.

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Honestly, I actually find it easier to make vector art with random pre-made shapes. I guess that’s half the reason I love APB so much.