Custom Things

As we know, Tower Unite is getting Steam Workshop support. You can share condos with other players, but what if they added custom mini golf hole pieces? We could build our own Mini Golf holes and share them with the world on the Steam Workshop. I was also thinking about custom roller coaster tracks but I think that would be too hard for the developers. But I hope this does get some traction and someone will see it.

Pretty sure this falls under what you’re suggesting.

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No. Those are custom made maps for the gameworlds. He wants custom map pieces for use in condos


Are you guys prepared for Captain Falcons trying to turn off a Donkey Kong?

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I mean, that’d be pretty legit :thinking:

That would be sick. Custom rollercoaster tracks or waterslide pieces with low friction (& water blocks!) so players can slide down it would be a great addition also imo.

I think it would be really cool if you had a placeable ball race ball for condos. Going up to it and using it would put you in the movement mode for ball race, but you can use it to roam around your condo. This could be fun just to roll around, but I imagine some folks will make really creative courses using trampolines and stuff :slight_smile:

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Guys please up vote this so we can get a dev to look at this

I’m still confused on the wording. Are we talking about condo items or making maps? and if items, why would you build a mini golf map in a condo? (Besides like a mini golf course condo thing). My point is like, why would you put your condo on the workshop to share a mini golf map?

How I see condos on the workshop is: you download an empty template, which gives the person space to do whatever they want, in whatever setting the condo is. I don’t think it should be: “Oh check out my underwater on the workshop”, that sort of thing should be reserved for when you’re joining people’s condos IN the game. Mini golf items for use when you’re decorating a condo template would be great, I don’t think we should upload different versions of an already existing map “but this time it has my items in it”.