Custom Sound Emitters

Self explanatory. I have particular banana-related motives.

Edit: Okay I should probably explain.

Something akin to the other sound emitters, but with an option to link a youtube video or something similar so that it plays the audio from it. It’d serve many uses and could be easily set to be disabled via parental controls.

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I believe this has already been planned and teased?

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Bumping this thread, I think we still need this!
If anyone thinks this means inappropriate sounds, I think we can follow the way of the canvas.
A sound “Trust Setting” maybe?


YES! Please yes! To have custom music that plays in areas of your condo, it’d be awesome!

me and my friends would really like to add customs sounds files to the emitter I won’t mind if we need to add it directly we just want a form to do it

This is planned. Quote from today’s dev log:


ty for your reply love you <3