Custom Plazas for content creators

I think one of the biggest issues for big content creators playing Tower Unite is that all their viewers join the same plaza they’re in and instantly fill it up, getting in their way and making the experience way too chaotic for their viewers.

If you could spin up an invite-only or passworded Plaza (or even a Plaza with a set amount of max players), it would make the task of streaming Tower Unite far more attractive and easy for big content creators because they won’t be followed around everywhere by their audience, have things obscured by large models, etc. I can imagine a lot of big content creators would love to stream the game more, but their experience gets ruined by their viewers following them everywhere - and the game gets streamed less and gets a worse look because big content creators can’t even play the game properly.

xQc, the biggest streamer on Twitch, had this exact experience while playing with another friend:

A big streamer known as pokelawls had this idea:

I have no idea if this would be possible from a server backend standpoint (I assume it’d cost a lot because you’re physically making more servers) but I think invite-only / passworded lobbies would fix a lot of the issues large content creators experience while playing the game. I know custom servers

Finally, I think passworded/invite-only/lower user cap servers could pave the way for more and more streamers to play the game together - which could be huge because then it’s an advertisement spanning multiple channels, content creators aren’t playing alone and there are more things for them to do!

Another example:


On a similar note (albeit that would have to be a release feature), renting private plazas for school, community or company parties.


Since those streams, we added a feature that fades player models while you are playing games (unless you are friends with them) which has reduced the amount of annoyance people can inflict on you while playing games.