Custom Lobby for workshop

This has probably been asked a bunch of times but I would love to make my own lobby for a server. What do you think about this idea?

tbh i dont think its a good idea
its like
throwing away hard work of the devs
besides who wants to go to an area with less stuff


I guess you have a point there.

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I think it would work best if it’s tied with the Ocean Expansion. Instead of completely remaking the plaza, people can just put whatever they want onto an island instead, and that island can be installed off of the workshop and placed on to a servers map somehow.


I believe mac said it would be possible, but more than likely nobody will use it unless it boasts far better features than the current plaza.

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I think custom lobby maps is pretty necessary if Workshop is implemented… tbh it’s something that I’ve just expected to be implemented.


That ocean expansion idea would be cool actually. I just hope they have some sort of map implementation for the workshop.


I think allowing people to host their own custom-made lobbies would be fantastic.
Being able to tailor the game to your own specific group’s needs is what keeps people playing the game.

Look at Garry’s Mod. It has all sorts of ways for people to make what they want, and the community is still going strong because of the variety it offers.

I imagine people making really cool lobbies of their own, like an underwater lobby of the lost city of Atlantis or a space-station themed lobby.
This would be super cool.


If custom lobby and custom item support are implemented, then I’m totally going to make an Aperture Science themed lobby and equip everyone with Portal Guns… there could be a lot of fun puzzles to solve to get to each gameworld port and such!

Imagine a lobby like the game FEZ where you could decode a secret language and number system and discover incredibly difficult secrets with the community in-game… this would add some depth to that custom lobby and make it an interesting community project. Of course, the visuals would be nice and the “secrets” and “story” behind the place are optional to discover.


it would be great if you could just change the a e s t h e t i c of the outside instead of the whole lobby itself
i.e. change the ocean to being underwater or whatever

Without custom lobbies, we won’t ever see Lobby 1 being used again, though. Lobby 2 already has a ton of work put into it for Lobby 1 to be a consideration for the devs. Besides, there are talented UE4 mappers out there. I’m sure that they can make Pixeltail Games standard lobbies.

I can’t wait to see what the community can come up with…

well then i’d at least like to see custom lobbies being unranked :yum:

That’s kind of the point of workshop. Any workshop submissions are unranked by default.

but what do you mean by [quote=“Sapphire, post:13, topic:5567, full:true”]
by default.

Well, I believe I recall one of the developers saying that they may or may not accept certain workshop items as ranked, assuming the creator consents and the item in question doesn’t infringe on copyright.

i dont think that would be for lobbies but thats just my biased opinions
besides, map devs would probably forget the backers :laughing: