Custom Icons

According to the roadmap, TU is going to have icons for when users are typing, afk, etc. (Similar to Gmtower.) Anyway, I thought it would be cool to somehow change them. Maybe you upload an image from your computer? I could see this working with the workshop. (But, than again, I’ve not made a game before.)


Not a bad suggestion, only possible problem is there might be people who upload ‘inappropriate’ images. To be fair, a workaround could be that there’s a child lock (or something similar), that just uses the default icon. I assume they could work the same way as ‘spray’s’ on gmod.

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I was thinking of it as a texture that only you could see. Maybe you could set default icons when you host a server?

Ah, right. That’s quite nice, like a minecraft texture pack of sorts. Both are reasonable ideas, there could be an icon manager (like an item manager on CSGO) which distributes the data between the servers.

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