is it good or not

i have heard mixed opinions

I’ve heard mostly negative about it, mainly being lack of features being present in the game that were there before, though i haven’t tried it out myself, so i don’t have anything more to say really

The game is currently cute but buggy. Development will continue to move slow as it is something the single developer is working on on their own time. It’s enjoyable to a point though.

I first heard of the game years ago, so when I heard it was still a thing I looked into it a bit. Mind you I was never all that invested in the game, so I didn’t research this too much.

Cubeworld has a very iffy development history. I believe it was crowd-funded years ago (like, 2013ish). It had one early build released which gained a lot of popularity. However, no releases or developments were released since.

… until just recently. A new update rolled out with a new steam page and all and it appears that it is wildly different from that last public release, and seamingly not for the better.

The dev was afraid to release updates, and as a result, continued working completely blind from any outside critique.

A little research will help you determine if it’s a game for you, but personally I would give this a pass whilst the dev reconnects with the fanbase it ditched communication with.