Ctrl + Space Jetpacking doesn't work quite right in condos

Normally when you’re holding Ctrl and Space, you’ll fly in whatever direction you’re looking in. In condos, this doesn’t happen, instead you fly nearly horizontally (but with a slight climb).

Is that really how Ctrl+Space is supposed to work? In all my years of playing that’s never been how it works. It just makes you go faster horizontally and slower vertically AFAIK

EDIT: Wow you’re right. Idk how I never noticed this. However, it works perfectly fine for me in my condo. You may just be experiencing lag/connection issues if you’re in someone else’s condo.

It pretty much happens to me all the time regardless of who’s condo I’m in, even my own.

It works fine in your own condo and less-fine-but-still-works in Plaza servers, doesn’t work properly on other players condos.

I reported this a while back and included this video which might show off what they’re talking about better.