Credits and inventory are lagging

Been playing for about 1-2 hours now after the Halloween update and noticed i stopped receiving credits, i was wanting to save up for the villa condo so it was a bit alarming to me but i wrote it off as a temporary glitch that would sort itself out (which in one way it has), after a while of not earning from playing ball race and getting some achives i decided to closed the game and restart steam this sort of fixed it as i was able to earn credits again but only for a few games of ball race so i reset my steam again.

needing more credits i sold some stuff i didn’t need in my inventory anymore for some but they failed to sell only after resetting my steam did it allow me to sell stuff.

all this is annoying but not terrible however when i had enough money to buy the Villa condo my first attempt left me there for about 2 minutes with noting happening just a processing transaction message, the second attempt however kept me stuck in that screen but i noticed it removed the credits from my inventory not only that but had slowly started to receive credits from previous achives and games, as of this message i have restarted steam a few times and the condo has yet to appear so i was writing this message to ask for some help as well as proof just in case i need help for it in the future, thank you.


Condo was in my inventory a couple of minutes after i made this post, however after a brief period of everything going smooth it seems that the problem is back it seems that the more people are online the more likely it happens