Create invisible barrier around secret room in suite

I have tried to prevent people from getting into my secret room to no avail. Covered up all vents completely with “cubes” nothing works. Would like to keep people out of it.

Try placing a teleporter on the spawn point.

What twisted crap are you trying so desperately to hide?!? Sounds suss…


I will try that but I dont think they are getting in through there. Thanks.

Tryna hide your “happy happy fun time” pics? I used to know how you feel (now I got a 5 story tall building public to all) maybe you could cover it up with like a painting or something? not invisible ik but it could make it look fancy perhaps?

To completely block someone from accessing the vent that leads to the secret area you need to cover the entire vent, which means the vent cover and the actual ventilation duct itself

If you read, I already did that. They got in a fifferent way.

Lucky for you there already is an invisible barrier around the box, but it doesnt work.

Still the teleporter trick can work when used properly in combination with the barrier