Crashing, Artifacts, and Performance

I stopped playing the game around January and just now came back and as soon as I loaded up into plaza I experienced artifacts and the game crashed with this message. Loading up into my condos causes my PC to go into overdrive like no other game does my fans sound like a jet engine and the game stutters for a few frames every once and a while. I have a 4690k and an MSI 290x lightning, I updated the radeon drivers but keep experiencing the same stuff. My GPU might be dying I guess but it’s strange that no other game does this.

That crash message was given because the timer for how long the game will wait for the rendering process to respond ran out.

Basically means your graphics card isn’t powerful enough to run the game at the games current graphics settings, so you might wanna try and reduce them in the main menu if possible.

Has the game upgraded that much? I’ve been playing with the game maxed out for over 400 hours only now are these problems occurring. I’ll try it out tomorrow and see.