Couple achievements not granted

I obtained a couple achievements yesterday, for Zombie Massacre, but they seem to have not been applied, even after re-completing one map I have not been granted the achievement for completion, yet it has progressed the “Complete x 10 times”


I also have a slight suspicion that my XP was setback by approximately 70,000-80,000 for this gamemode too, is that something I can verify/recover? If not I can live with that, but the milestones/achievements are something that I’d like to try and fix

Thanks! :grinning:

Steam ID Information:

STEAMID - STEAM_0:1:56120617
STEAMID64 - 76561198072506963

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Just a follow up, we did Village again, and its come back.

We’re just trying compound and if that works I’ll close this thread

These are working again, I think I just had to wait a while :slight_smile:

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