Countdown Timer Tutorial

This is a bit of I/O central to many of my builds, essentially this component repeats a signal a set number of times based upon what is input. Additionally, it is a very easy component to build, so I will provide a tutorial here:

  1. Place a Timer, turn on looping.

  2. Place down a Counter. The maximum can be set to any value above 0, but it is important the minimum is always -1.

  3. Connect the Timer’s [OnTimerStarted] to the Counter, and set it to [Subtract 1].

  4. Connect the Counter’s [OnReachedMin] to the Timer and set it to [Stop]. Set the delay on this connection to 0.01s.

  5. Now just connect the Timer’s [OnTimerComplete] to the connection you’re trying to repeat.

The Countdown Timer is now essentially done, to use it, input a number into the counter then start the timer.