Could you add a 2nd tool bar?

Hello, could you maybe add a second tool bar that we could switch between?

It’s a little bit of a pain having to swap out my condo tools/fishing rod/metal detector and my fun stuff every time I go to a different place, so I thought it would be cool to have maybe an extra tool bar that could go between the current button and the accessory button (maybe label them 1 and 2)

That way, for example, when i want to use the fishing rod or my condo editing tools i can go to toolbar 2, then when i wanna hang out with people i can swap back to bar 1 that has all my weapons and toys and stuff

I second this. Maybe a button to switch between weapon toolbar 1 and 2.
Jetpack and text hat are commodities in my opinion. I still don’t like how they use hotbar, but if we’re getting a quick toolbar switch, I’d rather want an extra bar and keep the accessory bar to stay as is separately.

You can put the jetpack and text hat in your accessories bar not your hotbar?
And as a proposed method of switching between menus you can just press the number twice, similar to the source engine.


Alternatively, maybe they could add some sort of way to save and load hotbar presets

Also I believe they’re combining the condo tool guns into just one in the future

those are accessories, I’m talking about tools/weapons

We are planning on combining all the tool weapons into one weapon and it won’t be part of your hot bar in the future, but instead a keybind/button available at any time while in the Condo.


ooh that sounds good, I look forward to it :smiley:

on the same topic then, I was just wondering why the hotbar only goes up to 8? why not 9 and 0?

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