Could we expect early concepts for GMT that were scrapped in Tower Unite?

For the sake of nostalgia I was looking at some archives and came across some stuff that was planned for Gmod Tower but was never implemented. Two planned game modes that caught my eye specifically were Twists of Mind, and Puzzle Impossible (Which I know had early footage but I can’t find it for the life of me). Besides these two game modes, could we expect anything else that you were never able to add to Gmod Tower that you wanted to add in the beginning that will be added to Tower Unite?

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I also would love this. Puzzle Impossible looks really fun and Twists of the Mind sounded really fun. Also, the footage you’re talking about is a private video on, I believe, Mac’s YouTube channel. There’s a link floating around here somewhere. I think it’s in the same thread with the time capsule.

The video’s not private, it’s just hard to find without searching through Mac’s channel.

Here you guys go:


That looks really cool i can imagine some kind of team based game that revolves around that

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Hate to be a buzzkill, but Puzzle Impossible looks really boring tbh. I would prefer to see games that require a bit more than standing in place and occasionally jumping.

Puzzle: Impossible was basically a singleplayer experience and also ended up being boring and didn’t last (aka you can only play it once).

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