Could the Marble Blast Ultra gamemode possibly be made in TU?

I remember that a Marble Blast Ultra gamemode was planned for GMod Tower, and that sounded awesome, because I myself played that game and it was great. Now that GMT is no longer a thing, the idea could have potentially faded with it.
Is it possible that it could be made as a gameworld in TU sometime?


I haven’t heard of Marble Blast Ultra before, so I assume you mean this:

Well, it looks very similar to Ballrace. What do you think could be changed to differentiate it from Ballrace?

What you are seeing there are the singleplayer levels. The multiplayer variant is played as an arena. People mainly played the one with the gem collection, the one who collects the most gems in 5 minutes, wins.

I really dig this idea. It could be a mutator for Ball Race, even. “Ball Race Battle”, perhaps?

So basically it’s the bonus round from ballrace.

No, MBU is something different, atleast by the style of it.
Here’s some gameplay videos of MBU multiplayer

doesn’t really look like ball race bonus level. It’s similiar, but not equal.


Maybe this could work as an extra gamemode for Planet Panic to give it some more life.

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