Cosmic catsack items

This is just a bunch of items that could be in the cosmic catsack. Also I think cosmic catsacks should be “bundles”, where you open it and you get a selection for Building items,Equipable items, and hats/cosmetics, where which one you select give you an item from that bundle with about 5 items in each bundle.

Building items:

  • Cosmic block (A block that has the effects of a cosmic catsack) (Maybe comes in 6 so you can cube something off?)
  • Some sort of super interactive item (Playable casino machine with payouts/boardgame/something similar)
  • RC Super car (Works when RC comes out maybe faster and maybe with drifting)
  • Bottomless beer
  • ???


  • Wowozela (Kinda confirmed)
  • Silver/diamond/cosmic watch (same effects as gold watch)
  • Sci-fi laser pistol (from Virus no damage just effects)
  • Cosmic gun (Shoots ??? and can be charged up to shoot more and shoot farther
  • Some sort of melee “weapon”


  • Cosmic flying plushie (maybe snail)
  • Rainbow shades (normal shades but with the hologram hat effects on the glass)
  • sci-fi tube (Grey tube with line on the sides that has the effects of the backer headphones)
  • Cosmic particle
  • Disco ball head (very shiny)

Thanks for reading!

This sounds cool but those cosmic blocks sound like a bit too little for having so much luck to get a cosmic cat sack

I mean you get 6 plus you could choose something else

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Oh, that makes more sense

Bottomless Beer


Added, thanks!

Oh, hey searith, i forgot about you lol.