Corrections for the item manifest

In my quest to meticulously document the upcoming arcade prizes, I noticed a few issues with the manifest (I mentioned some in the last Dev Log, but I have more details now).

I know it would get fixed even if I didn’t say anything, but hopefully this will make things easier if any devs see this thread (I also know it’s an early version, and that their own private manifest may have received these updates already, but I figured it’s still worth doing).


  • Muff Whale Plush, Star Plush, and Kamikaze Watermelon Plush (Not marked as plushy)

  • Small Radio (Marked as plushy)

  • Salmon Says Toy (Marked as vehicle)

  • Sci-Fi Visor (Not marked as glasses)

  • Wearable Clock (Not marked as neck)

  • RC Toy Rocket (Not marked as remote-controlled)

(Also tons of stuff that’s not marked with Weapon or Vehicle, but that gets into semantics, and obviously this part of the manifest is very WIP, so I’ll assume that’s handled)


  • “Pug Plush” and “Jelly Bean Cat Plush” are the same thing

  • “Fox Plush” and “Dog Plush” are the same thing

  • “Catsack Plush” and “Lucky Catsack” might be the same thing

(Don’t ask me how I know all this, but I went down a deep rabbit hole, and I’m fairly sure I’m correct)

Not listed:

(There are quite a few not listed, though I think these are either intentional, or something they’re in the process of adding anyways)

Extra note:

The plushies added along with the arcade prizes are called ______ Plush, while prior to this update, plushies were always named ______ Plushy (Just a little inconsistency there).

This thread might just gather dust here, but I felt like doing it, so here we are.

Sorry about some of my mistakes/misnomers in my prize list thread, it seems they lead to duplicates on the item manifest (Also for using “Plush” instead of “Plushy”).