Copyright claim on video?

So a while ago I uploaded a video of TU’s Ball race to youtube, and Recently I noticed that it received this copyright claim, I looked up the song it mentioned (And listened to the “Match”) and it didn’t appear that this was valid, Is this a False Positive?

(This seems like the right place to ask?)
(To clarify I didn’t edit any music into the video in any way)

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I found the song, too. My guess is that Youtube’s algorithm hugged up. Try filing a dispute. If it’s an automatic thing, it’ll pretty quickly be overturned.

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These are the options it gives me, Im not sure what the applicable option would be

If memory serves me, you’ll want to do the original content one. I would want to wait for someone with more experience in dealing with YouTube, though.

Would @macdguy know anything about it?

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sounds good, I was a little hesitant to use that as the counter claim due to TU Not being my own original content, I’ll wait until Mac or someone else from Pixeltail comments on it, otherwise I’ll email youtube’s support team and ask them

Well it’s not a song we made so it’s definitely a false positive.

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Alright, just thought I’d ask here to make sure, I’ll dispute the claim tomorrow, I appreciate the response