Cookie Cutter Tool for building

Wanted to suggest a Cookie Cutter Tool. It would allow making windows/door frames/etc in custom builds MUCH easier. Currently to do this, you need to use multiple walls/shapes to form a rectangle/square with a window. This unfortunately is very tedious and to make one wall in a house you may have to use three or four of them. With the Cookie Cutter Tool, you could cut a square/rectangle/triangle etc shape into whatever wall or shape from the DIY store. Obviously this wouldn’t work on any normal object like a trophy or a workshop item. This would allow custom builds to be easier and more efficient. Thank you for reading.

That is an amazing idea. Bump for others and devs as well as my vote for you good sir :slight_smile:

Little edit: Here’s another idea to add onto this after some thought - Maybe a thing that could work well with this would be to turn glass parts you cut out into props affected by game physics? That way the cutouts would not get stuck and it could be fun to play around with them until they would disappear on their own (fade out of existence) after a short period of time like a minute or two. Or they would be automatically stashed into your inventory and converted into a special item that has it’s own shape depending on what you cutout as glass to use elsewhere? It all would depend on viability of something like that though I imagine and could probably pose challenges.

That would be a good idea too! I hope this at least gets noticed by the devs.

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