So I was thinking why arn’t community contests a thing? Things such as themed condos, pixel art or even a typical basic condo contest for a prize or some kind

Well… create one.

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There was a condo decorating contest long ago, but the only person who entered was Jesusfreak, and after it was shown that people had interest in a contest, but not enough drive to participate in one, it sorta fell flat.

You have every capacity to make one yourself though, go give it a shot!


The game is still in early access, and they’re already super busy working on more important things.

You know, thinking about it, some actual, dev-sanctioned in-game prizes would be pretty sweet to have.


The devs could give out trophies in the style of the lobby one trophies! Gives you more trophies to fill the display case with and be a nice throwback.


When this game has more work under its belt this would be a great thing.