Contact JonTron for TU

Once the indiegogo launches, i know you guys will be contacting youtubers left and right, so please, if you can, do 2 things.
#1. Contact JonTron to do a video (kind of like his counter stike vid) on TU
#2 Include me in it in some way.

I know #2 is pushing it, but with me being the JonTron fanatic of TU, it has to happen.

The best way to contact me is through steam, so here is my profile:

If JonTron somehow asks to contact me, link him to my steam, we can work it from there…

Jon is my favorite youtuber ever so i so hope he responds!
Best Regards,
Tanooki Jon

I dunno about contacting JonTron. He doesn’t seems to do gaming reviews in the general sense of NEW things.

this is kinda sad


JonTron is next to impossible for us to contact. He is a very high profile YouTuber and he doesn’t do shoutouts. The only one I know he did was definitely for money, which we don’t have, and he also upsetted his userbase so I don’t think he’ll be doing that again.

OK thanks! I was just in a conversation with Vlad the other day and it just popped up in my mind! Sorry for asking about joining in on it, that was stupid in retrospect. Thanks for telling me!