Contact GameGrumps for Tower Unite!

I don’t need to be in the video this time but I bet it would bring in tons of money for TU!


Yes, please! They have 2.4 Million subscribers with 1.3 Billion views. (And I’m not saying this because I want to see Ross suck at Ball Race…)


I would assume they will contact the bigger youtubers when it gets later in the alpha so it would be less buggy because most people don’t like playing buggy games

Yeah, it would give the game a bad image. That would be disastrous this early in development.

Maybe if they polished Ball Race, then that could be pretty good for attracting new players and backers.


Or it could be a GMT vid, like BoSchitt did, and them plugging TU at the end.

Honestly, I think the Game Grumps would play any game despite the state it’s in. I mean, they freaking played Cliff Horse. I think it would be perfectly fine for them to play the two ball race maps and dabble around in the lobby and condos.

Well i kinda want them to play either GMT or a later version of the alpha. Just because with The Stanley Parable, they only played the demo and never played the full game. While i would hate for this to be the case with Tower Unite, it could happen. I would like for them to at least play something closer to the final product.

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I guess, but we’re unsure of how many more updates we’ll have by the end of the campaign.

true, so thats why they should do a GMT vid.

“What the fuck do we do? How do I buy shit? Why don’t I have money? How the fuck do I get money? This fucking game sucks.”

good old grumps.
If this were to be a thing, you’d have to hold their hands and guide them through it. They don’t really seem capable.
Then again, I guess this would be more of a Steam Train thing than a Game Grumps thing. I trust Ross a bit more than Arin/Dan with competence.

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This exactly. That’s why they should do the alpha instead. You have infinite money in the alpha. And it’s a better representation of the final product than GMT.

On one side, Game Grumps playing Tower Unite and liking it would provide amazing support for the IndieGogo campaign, possibly allowing us to reach goals thought unreachable before. But if they were to pan it, that could considerbly hamper development.

As great as the possible reward for them liking it is, so great is the risk. I feel before we contact any major YouTube personality to play Tower Unite we wait until the game is much further in completion, possible in a late Alpha or early Beta stage. Then, if PixelTail chooses to enact a “Donate” pool, Tower Unite could seriously benefit from the media.

I feel like the players of Unite and GMT don’t understand the fact they have already (Supposibly) Contacted Hundreds of youtubers, plus with any youtubers with over 300k subs they will charge for people to play them , at least there’s a very high chance they will charge, and PixelTail doesn’t have the money to be paying for advertising that’s why it’s from GMT it’s been used as ‘free’ advertising.

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