Confirmed Chump

What’s this whole ‘confirmed chump’ badge?

Been wondering the same thing :confused:

Ya gotta earn it : )

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@Zak But like, how?

Ask @Bikonito, or @Matt

Hey @Bikonito / @Matt , how do I obtain the ‘Confirmed Chump’ status?

I don’t think it’s a “good” badge, anyway

But it’s gold :open_mouth:

But it says chump D:

But, it’s GOLD :smiley:

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Would your profile be any better if it said “chump” on it? Even if it was in [color=gold]GOLD!?[/color] :arrow_left: oh why does that not work?

I have no idea. And yes, it would look better in
#GOLD :smiley:


With chump stamped on your profile, your avatar ring would rain with GOLD!!!

You would have your own avatar block in the chump store.

I would like some bump mapping else it’s just like having your avatar in a picture frame