Condos and Plaza | Shared chat and events

It would be nice if when we host condo from condo lobby our chat and event indicators (like on the HUD in the left corner below and players list) would be shared with the Plaza server we come from.
And then when one writes something from the condo it would display in the connected Plaza somewhat like изображение so the players in it know where to go.
And to prevent players in condos flooding a plaza’s chat a solution could be in implementing Location-wise local chat in the Plaza which also seemed like a nice thing

i’m not sure how i feel about every message from your condo being sent to the plaza… i think the best option for this would be that when you host a condo from the condo lobby you could give an optional message, that would show up once when entering your condo

but even then that seems a little unnecessary considering you could say whatever before entering your condo and there’s also the “player entered their condo” message that already shows up

i would however love to see location-based local chat though !!

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Making every message get sent to the plaza seems a bit much, but if the plaza-condo link got more fleshed out I could see there being an option to toggle between Condo-only chat and shared Plaza-Condo chat.

This feature was actually already implemented much earlier in Early Access, where launching a condo from a plaza’s condo lobby would link the condo chat to the plaza you launched your condo from (with condo-only and shared chat options), but it was phased out after global chat was introduced. Global chat was a bit chaotic anyways, given anyone could chat in it at any time, so this feels like it’d be a solid middle-ground.

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to me just it just brings back a bit of connection condos and lobby had in GMT.
I don’t mind this feature to be fleshed out anyhow; being able to chat with people from the Plaza you’re “in” just feels pretty nice.

also don’t forget the events parts so that you could always see treasure from sea event starting, hop into plaza, find all the gold and hop back to your condo. seems pretty cool

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alternative solution: bring back the condOS news ticker and put plaza events on there

This could work, but not by having players in condos hosted via plaza to have their chats sent to plaza local chat.
In a way this already existed when global existed; if a player in a condo talked in global it’d say they were in their condo. However I do like the idea players can click on your name or the condo next to your name to join if it is indeed open.