Condo wipeout in the future?

Ok, I know it can sounds reaaaally stupid… but I’ll ask anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a possibility that in the future, the condos get such a big update that the devs HAVE TO remove every items you placed in it in order to do it?

You know what I mean? Like, the update couldn’t be done with all your stuff still in place

Tell me if I have to be clearer… :sweat:


There is a possible chance, especially when the new condo system happens. The devs are really cool though, so I’m sure they would tell everyone!


It will happen, since you will be able to make your own condo when full release happens.

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Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

Can @Caboose700 confirm that?

The devs said that by full release, you will have to make your own condo.

“Have to” or can?

You have to if you want a condo. If not, then you don’t have a condo. It probably won’t force you to make a condo right when you start up your game.

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Well, maybe not on startup, but more on joining/starting your condo for the first time after that update.


Oh I see :o ,
So, in the FULL game, you’ll start off in an empty condo with some kind of tutorial on how to move walls ect???


Yep. I’ve heard that room customization will be a lot like The Sims.

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I planned to do a huge ass construction beyond the force field (while noclipping )… I think that’ll wait until then :grin:

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Well, I think it would totally be worth doing now. Custom condos are a very far-off feature. Somewhere around September 2016. Maybe later. Probably not earlier.

Nah, next September is way too close for what I wanna do…

Recreating Lobby 1, right?
I would love to see that. But I think you could do a lot better than in game with items. Make a whole, actually Lobby 1 map using Unreal Engine 4. It’s a big project but the final product would be even more enjoyable when you consider Workshop. I would like to see that even more.

jeez, I would love to have servers with the lobby 1 map

and maybe the ability to switch between the new one and the old one

People have discussed having Workshop lobbies for their dedi servers.

Actually, I wanna do a replica in the condo server using the original textures (I’ve ripped them off already).

I’ve started putting the fountain and some canvases with the grass texture under it.

Yeah, I saw that thread.

And I have absolute ZERO knowledge in Unreal… and I don’t have time to learn that : (

I promise it’s easy. If what youre planning to do is going to take longer than 5 months, it would be worth it.