Condo winter designs

I get that it’s actually a big idea and it might take lots of time to implement, which is okay. The game already has snow surfaces being sold in the seasons shop, but I think they might actually look pretty bad comparing to potentially handcrafted map with snow on it.
So it would be truly awesome if we (or the game during the winter/winter event itself) could switch the condo/suite to the winter looks, having snow around and such.

Why don’t you set the grass texture to a snowy one? It’s what I do anyway.

it’s impossible with certain surfaces, and there are summer-ish pieces like bushes which you unfortunately can’t remove. Also I don’t think you would ever be able to replace beach’s sand texture

ok sure for the default condo it wouldn’t work, but I was more talking about the suite and other condos.

Well, unfortunately it’s even more difficult with the suite as it has pines and there’s lots of grassy surface beyond your playable area
Also same for condo’s distant decorations - they have huge grassy mountains and I just can’t change them :<