Condo warps

So, I was browsing the item megathread when I had this idea.

How it works is that you place one in your condo, and you can use it to go to another room where you can do anything you could in your condo and it is preloaded.

The only 2 ideas for a warp I have are an unnamed mineshaft and this place called Cloudland. (Yes, I didn’t really think about the name.)
You get to the mineshaft with a mineshaft ladder,(obviously.) maybe add some system so you could mine in there to get Units.
It is visible from the condo if you look up, (but only if there’s an open roof) and you can hunt for dragon eggs which you can sell at the food store or the stray and are guarded by dragons. If they get you, you will get teleported back to the main room, (the one which you can do anything that you could in a condo). After selling them, An item which is litteraly just eggs, ( Dragon Omelet, deviled dragon eggs, etc) will have 1 added to their stock. You can use them as decoration like other food items.

The only problem with this is that it’s probably just going to have the casino problem, where most of the players will be grinding for units.

If you have other ideas, comment it below.

I heard they wanted to do something like this, where you could buy secret entryways that lead to new rooms.

Also, the currency in TU are Units.

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