Condo Voting

So I was thinking of ways to reward the creative condo designers of this community and came up with condo voting.

Condo voting will let players vote for their favourite condo designs and a condo’s total number of votes will be visible somewhere for everybody to see how highly rated a condo is.

Players will be able to vote on 1 condo per day and a vote will also donate a sum of units to the host (200U - 500U per vote maybe?). Along with this, there would also be a rewards system which exclusively unlocks decorative/interactive items & clothing items for the condo owner to use.

An example of how it would work:

  • 10 vote - A small classic trophy.
  • 50 votes - A large modern corner sofa.
  • 100 votes - 100 votes celebratory suit outfit.
  • 200 votes - An equippable hoverboard.
  • 500 votes - Air Hockey table.
  • 1000 votes - Customizable swinging ship ride.
  • 2500 votes - Water blocks. (create custom swimming pools)
  • 5000 votes - Water slide components. (tubes & straights, bends, ramps, boosts, etc.)
  • 10000 votes - Rollercoaster & track components.

Let me know what you guys think!

We are planning on using Workshop to handle voting on Condos. The reason behind that is Condos are always updating. People could vote on a condo they liked and the condo owner could quickly change their opinion after they left their vote by placing down a canvas or removing items quickly.