Condo variations

So, this idea is quite hard to explain but I will try to get across the idea.

Main idea
Setting options for items to move or change appearance during a certain point in time over a year. I was thinking that it would be pretty nice to have the option for items to automatically change colour or move during a certain point in the year.

I thought that it is time to start changing my resort to match Halloween and Christmas when that comes around. I am not a huge fan of having to manually move the items to where they should be or selecting the colour over and over again, each year. This way, you could set the date of the time an item should change and it will change appearance or position. I can imagine this being either hard work or impossible to implement but this is just an idea or concept.

I can imagine it working like this:

When setting an item’s or wall’s properties, you can add a condo cycle to it

Then, once done, the wall or item can have different properties set for a time period during the year.

To view these:

When viewed, you would be able to remove an item from the cycle.