Condo tips and tricks thread

Hope you don’t mind stealing the rainbow stairs :sunglasses:

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Nice idea with the neon light stairs. I might as well show what my pool looks like, also used some rainbow colors.

Getting the placement right is pretty difficult, but it’s manageable.


These are some things from my GMT suite,

Its a bed with a canopy, sadly we don’t have blocks or curtains (yet)

I can’t wait for building blocks ouo<img

You can neatly stack plates and dishes! Good for people who are gonna have more elegant kitchens.


Awesome ideas!

Here’s my version of the stairs. I LOVE IT! :heart_eyes:

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Holy cow this is a game changer…

Also, here is something neat you can do with couches and chairs :blush:
You can put neon lights under them


Can’t wait till we get bar tables n stuff. This will make perfect for a night club. :heart_eyes:

Putting it on the ceiling looks better than on the staircase in my opinion.


Nice idea. The ones on the stairs will stay tough.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oddly enough, I’m getting a set of chairs exactly like this IRL soon. Blue LEDs though.

Curved Couch


Transparent condos + Images that look like a sign + Glow effect = this


A little side note, you’re going to want to crop your sign images in order to display properly


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Cup Stacking


what did you use to make that?

I’m guessing you stack several DVD cases on top of eachother. Then starting from the top and working your way down… Place one cup, remove a dvd, place another cup, remove another dvd, and repeat until on the table.

I was actually replying to the older post about the curved couch lol

All you need are two “Wicker Couch Corner” and some “Wicker Couch Straight” props, I decided to give the idea a try myself and it looks pretty neat. When it comes to rotating them, one scroll up/down should make a big enough difference with the angle so it looks good.