Condo Suggestion: Gmod Style Loadscreens

One big thing that breaks a persons immersion is joining a condo with 30 workshop items missing, a bunch of canvas walls missing so people can fly in places they are not supposed to be before the condo loads fully.

I think it would be pretty neat if all of the loading for the condo was done before joining so you join said condo and are hit with what it is supposed to be. In Gmod as many of us know, there is a bar in the bottom right of the screen, it could be cool if it would say things like “Downloading Workshop Props XX%”, “Loading Condo Items”, “Downloading Canvas Images” and so on, with the ability to cancel at any time if the person were to regret joining a condo with two hundred Workshop items that might crash the players PC.

I know it might seem a little needless, but would be a quality of life feature, since people would be not really engaging with the condo when all the items are loading anyways.

now that is an epic style


Oh yes this would be really good. Sick of loading into a blank area because nothing loaded in yet.


It’d be cute if it was stylised like GMod’s Toybox downloading effect, which would be a nice lil’ homage if included.

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