Condo Sound Emitter

Similar to the “Placable Light” furniture that is not physically rendered and purely FX based, the all-encompassing


is a suggestion for a piece of furniture that allows condo builders to place it down and set an online-hosted (or otherwise?) media file, such as MP3s, to be played in 3D space with effects, loops, or otherwise.

Now YOU can (possibly) create your own elevator music! :musical_note:

would be cool to place it by the pool, perhaps

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I want this so badly

Kind of like we currently are able to add the halloween sound emiter, Would it be possible to add more looping sound effects to the enviroment.

I wouldn’t mind this, actually! Or something that plays when people arrive, like door chimes or some sitcom canned laughter. XD


Should preferably have a file size limit too, maybe 3 to 4 MB per custom sound or choose between sounds already in the game. This definitely has some uses and can work like workshop or canvas items!

I’d be absolutely down as long as it has some form of volume limiting. I’m having war flashbacks to people in Second Life stacking the same sound 5x simultaneously to make it blow out your ear drums lol.

You hear screams from the basement. The basement is boarded up, yet the condo owner is down there…
do you test your luck and ask?

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