Condo Skybox Suggestion


(Maybe)… Recently I was just playing around on the Lobby 2 Map and went to the condos just to mess around. In the backyard I noticed the little skybox feature behind the pool and the condo was missing and it made sense! Think about it; if there’s 12+ condos of this size on top of the Tower, each shouldn’t have a huge landscape behind them in order for them all to fit on top of the Tower. I know this could be probably fixed with the Condo Floorplan Editing but maybe the developers could do something like an infinity pool design?

Not sure why, but the photos aren’t showing up… click the orange pencil above and to the right of the main paragraph to see them… :neutral_face:

maybe try to re-added the image again

Try uploading the images to imgur or something; doesn’t require an account.