Condo Showcase

Today, my files got corrupted when I updated and I had to rebuild my Condo. To cheer myself up, I wanted to show off my new rebuilt Condo. :slight_smile:


Living Room (Pic 1)

Living Room (Pic 2)

Living Room (Pic 3)


Bed Room (Pic 1)

Bed Room (Pic 2)



(Last, but not least) Parkour

Thanks for looking. I am hosting a server right now, so come if you want a closer look!


This is pretty neat, I can see that you have taken your time with this :slight_smile:

Unrelated, but I just wanna say your avatar is bringing back a lot of memories. :grin:

May I ask why? :smiley:

I played Toontown all the time back when it started. It was my first MMO. Nothing special, really, I just liked that game a lot when I was still it’s target audience. I tried playing the remake recently and realized it’s actually kinda shit, but it was pretty rad when I was a kid c:

If you turn the graphics down any further, it’ll start looking like an MS-DOS game x_x

Nice condo, though!

Yeah, I currently play the remake of Toontown. Nice to see someone noticing what my avatar is! :smile:

Thanks! I have a potato computer, and I forgot to change my settings before taking screenshots… (I was going to, I swear!) :wink:

In that case, pardon me for calling it “shit”. It was probably just the way Disney handled it before it closed that left a bad taste in my mouth. As long as you still enjoy it, it’s all good.

Good job on the condo by the way, I realize we went waaay off subject.

(No problem, everyone has different feelings for things. Anyways, thanks! :wink: )