Condo settings are gone

Cannot access condo settings to change the weather and to pick up a suddenly random phantom huge tv floating in my walls that I can’t interact with otherwise.

TV thing has been reported a few times (Fixed in the upcoming Hot Fix), and settings were moved to the tab menu.

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I edited my post but it replied i’m very frustarted right now ignore me

AUGH having a hard time keeping track of changes sorry. Went thru every escape menu and settings change didn’t see it.

is this the tv bug because it’s all I can find about it when searching for tvs in condos on the forums. The reason I ask is because it sounds like a plaza bug and I don’t know if I should try to delete the floating tv I have or if it’ll mess up my set up.

Yeah, in Resort and Plaza the TV got scaled up and set to the origin of the map (Unreal editor being weird). The Resort variant has been reported in another thread, and I’m assuming they’ll both be fixed.

I think the settings are in a better place now (In line with the rest of the game and the new scoreboards), but yeah it’s a little confusing for people coming from the old system.


for sure I do approve of the change off of the context menu onto the tab menu, tho I did crash trying to access items on tab menu once already. I’m more frustrated I didn’t TRY tab before checking settings 10 different times.

I’ve just lost track of some of the objects i’ve put down, so I’ll leave the tvs be hoping they get reverted to their original spots (whever it may be).

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