Condo Saves Corrupting Themselves

So for some odd reason, every save I make in Tower Unite ends up corrupting itself and upon loading the snapshot of the condo it swaps and resizes any canvas item I’ve used.

For example I’ve used a screenshot of my Pachinko machine before my saves began corrupting themselves:
BEFORE: Taken March 6th

AFTER Taken May 3rd

I have no clue how to fix this issue, and it has practically ruined my condo because of it.
I 100% bet I can’t recover my condo from this, so I suppose RIP my entire condo. Hours of effort wasted.

EDIT: Strangely enough this corruption seems to of only happened when I began writing in a journal and saved a snapshot with that journal in it. Could be coincidental.

I feel like @AshGe has some experience with this issue?
Unless it’s stuck like that I don’t know.

The canvas swap is so ironic in that picture I’m hollering

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It’s permanent from what I can tell, I don’t think I can recover any of it…
The save I made is entirely different from what it’s loading.

I thought it was humorous too, was originally on my bricked off bathroom,
Strange choice for it to canvas swap it there.

I’ve experienced that awful glicth a few months earlier.

You basically have to be reeeaaally careful with snapshots saving.

I’ve noticed that when my condo would load all properly, and for guests, at the same moment, would load all swapped and messed up (some sort of guest-only glicth) , the snapshot would save with what they see…

Try loading another save and then loading the one with the corrupted canvases again. It works for me.

Remains corrupted, I’ve tried resetting the condo and then reloading.
Loading another save and then loading the corrupted one, nothing changes.

Had the same thing happen many many times, no idea exactly what causes it unfortunately.
I manage my files manually (I don’t use Steam Cloud for such precious things) and make manual backups every session and also save two snapshots alternating between one and another, so you always can revert. I’d recommend doing it since I’ve always been able to recover recent errors.
Just don’t forget to backup each time you build :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll make sure to do that next time. Don’t think I’ll be continuing with my condo till the better condo controls so I can make the move to flatgrass with ease as this whole thing has put me off continuing in the suite…
Hope whatever this bug is gets patched so others don’t have to put up with it.

@Mattio for future reference where is the file for condo snapshots saved?


[#########] depends on your SteamID3 or something, so it varies. 394690 should be the right folder, though.


It is, as that’s the AppID of TU.

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