Condo Save file sharing is it possible?

Hey there! Is it possible to share Saved condo snapchats with friends? I don’t mean via workshop as it seems there seems to be no way to customize and/or return the files to one another. Only viewing it seems(?)

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Yes, it is possible. Just note–it requires you to own all the items that the Condo builder used. So if it’s a save that uses 50 Canvas Cubes and 25 Canvas Cylinders, you need to also own that many items or else some of them won’t load in.

The files for Condo saves are in your Steam userdata folder, which will use the number at the end of your Steam3 ID. It’s possible that you might only have one, but if you switch between multiple Steam accounts you may have a few in there.

So for me, with my Steam3 ID of [U:1:111539220], I would need to navigate to-
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\111539220\394690\remote\Condos (394690 is the app ID for Tower Unite)

In there should be a bunch of folders with the names of the map files they’re saves for. Most are self-explanatory, but just for reference C_Lobby1 is Resort and C_lobbyOne is Suite.

In those folders there will be a CondoData folder, which is the save you want to give to your friend. Snapshots are saved in subfolders with the snapshot names. Might wanna back up before changing anything btw.


To add onto this, when loading a condo save that you’ve received from someone else, you’ll have to either overwrite the CondoData file in the base condo folder, or overwrite the CondoData file in an existing snapshot. Creating new snapshot folders in each condo’s folder (out-of-game) won’t work, as the game has a separate list of condo saves stored somewhere.