Condo room editing

Is it planned to have a way to edit the layout of your condo? So you can change where the stairs are and add/remove/move rooms in a way that TMQFEL (The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot) does it. I have seen some rumors that it is planned but not confirmed.

please search before posting

You can see where the advanced condo tools are in development here on the trello.

I don’t believe the advanced condo tools are the layout editor, just things to make it easier to edit your condo. But yeah, a layout editor was demonstrated in one of the really early streams (although it was only a very early prototype), and the devs have said they’re interested in doing that kind of thing.

One of the things that’s checked off on the advanced condo tools is “Wall editing”, so I have a feeling that some of the layout editing is a part of it.