Condo Roof

Can the hole in the condo roof be covered with at the very least a pane of glass, I’m not really looking forward to mopping up any water that might rain into it.

its happening


What happened to the roof?

There is going to be a togglable pane that you can put on the hole in the condo roof.

When? Currently there us no evidence of it on the trello.

In a video posted on the discord development sneak peek thread, Caboose posted a video where in a small part in it, you could see a glass pane on the hole in the condo roof. Also, nobody knows when.

I’m pretty sure the hole is a runnung gag. They mention it every dev atream.

It’s not.

Oh sorry, are you on the dev team?

No. But, they’re working on it.
Heres an image: