Condo Reset 17.06.16

Just entered the game to find my condo and inventory empty.
I still had all my cash so I assumed it wasn’t a connection issue and everything on my hot bar was where I had left it, however putting the confetti gun away made it vanish.
After restarting the game and steam a bunch of times, I re-entered my condo to find it still empty however I had all it’s contents in my inventory.
The floor colour and light colour are as they were.

Not really sure what’s going on.

Do I now have to re-build everything?

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Remember: This game is in early access.

@The_guy_with_a_bad_n Steam isn’t down right now and he already tried restarting it multiple times.

This might be a bug with how the condo is saved and unrelated to Steam Cloud. Please try again, restart Steam aswell and then report back how it went.

I just wanted to help m8

Yeah I checked the forums and read that post when I was in their condo. Hopefully this is temporary because that condo was very well put together. :frowning:

EDIT: Now MY condo is empty…

Same just happened to me condo empty walls and lights same colour, and all my stuff in inventory.

Restarted steam multiple times, Only change is that items are no longer in inventory.

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Missing items indicates that there is a connection problem with Steam. Your items never get deleted just like that. indicates that the player inventory is delayed. Your issues could be related to that.


Please stop using the Early Access excuse. We have put a great deal of effort to ensure your condo and items will never be lost.

If your condo does not load or your items are missing it is simply because Steam is down, or Steam inventory is down, or your connection to Steam is down. When all those three things are fully working again, which are out of our control, your condo will be restored and all your items with it.


Yep and my condo is back up. Thanks mac for the info!