Condo P2P Connections



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Phase 1

[ul][li]Fix the last door issue[/li][li]Establish proper connections[/li][li]Going to and from the Plaza and Condo is unreliable[/li][li]Re-enable chat (disabled due to issues)[/li][/ul]

Phase 2

[ul][li]Party mode[/li][li]Linux support[/li][li]Knocking (doorbell)[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]The checklist “Phase 2 (End of May)” has been renamed to “Phase 2”.[/li][/ul]

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i cant wait to witness a murder when parties come out


Already on it.

Someone clue me in on how “party mode” works? I barely touched GMT so I’m not aware.

Well it’s essentially that everyone on the same server as the party hoster got an invite where they could accept it and instantly get teleported to rightoutside of their door, and then you could walk in to join the party.

Id assume that in unite it sends an invite to friends and anyone in the same server as they connected from when they went to their condo will get an invite that they can accept where upon they are moved to the hosters condo.
Could also be that it sends a invite across all servers, i sadly don’t know.


[ul][li]Card has been closed.[/li][/ul]


Moved the Condo Party to its own system as P2P is going to be phased out for our new Global Chat system.

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