Condo Optimization

So those of us who are into working on big condo projects which require a ton of items (canvas’, canvas blocks, etc.) may have noticed a big performance issue when it comes to 2000+ items.

I think it would be great if canvas’ and canvas cubes could be merged into a single item when placed next to each other. This would lower poly count which will increase fps a ton when done on a large scale.

For example, when making a building, you may use 20 canvas cubes for one wall. I then merge all 20 cubes into one big cube which will only have 8 corners as opposed to 160 corners. The textures will remain tiled as they were before the merge.

That type of optimization is a bit insane to develop, but would be ideal. Unreal does a lot of stuff behind the scenes to improve rendering of multiple objects of the same model. However, Lifeless worked on cutting down draw counts on the Canvases from 2 to 1, which should really help.

Another thing that will really help is an actual wall and floor item instead of just using canvas cubes. Canvas cubes were meant to build more primitive geometry, not be actual walls.


Yeah actual walls would be perfect haha. I don’t know why I took the complicated route :smile:

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