Condo Optimization Tools

With the Condo Editing slowly turning into a fully fledged Level Editor, at some time the negative aspects of editing freedom will arise. I’d say the Plaza map is medium sized but it already has level streaming. What’ll happen with gm_flatgrass “Smooth Dirt” once people put time into their creations? How long will the Game hang after loading if the players spawn position is chosen to show absolutely everything built?

I suggest to let the considerate builder optimize his works. Offer creators to let the Engine compile autogenerated optimization rules as soon as their Condos reach a certain complexity, reminding them that there are people playing on Potato. Since they know their work best, alternatively offer them to set those rules themselves.

When I say “Optimization rules”, I’m thinking about something like rendering the world based on what’s visible to the player. I don’t know Unreal4 and I don’t know how the Condos are implemented so feel free to tell me why it’s unnecessary and dismiss this suggestion.

Unreal 4 has a real time occlusion system that handles the “render everything you can only see” issue. It also handles unloading materials on the fly as well. We do need more level of detail on items for long distances, but it’s not that terrible at the moment.

In other words, as long as you don’t have thousands of lights you should be okay for lower end machines.