Condo Milestones and Condo and Plaza Trophies (Also including some EXP scale adjustments)


We have an EXP bar for condos.

And yet absolutely no milestones.

But what if…there were?

So I’m just throwing this suggestion out there on behalf of everyone here because you can’t tell me you haven’t thought the same thing.

Anyway, Like all other stuff that does EXP, I’d like for the condos to have a set of trophies and Milestone items that signify progression and participation amongst players’ condos.

It would basically be built on the same general scale as it is now, a 100k-1M EXP scale, with the first Milestone and Bronze trophy being granted at 100k, then the Silver at 250k, then the Gold at 500k, Platinum at 750k (More on that below), then Diamond at 1 Million.

Currently the ideas for condo Milestones are as follows:

100k - Wine gift Basket - Filled with some wine, port, wiskey, etc from Project 12 as a Housewarming gift. You can drink endlessly from it and It’ll never run dry.

250k - Plaza Fountain - A replication of the fountain seen in the Plaza, comes installed with a 50cc pump to keep the water flowing despite all the coins and dirt clogging the plumbing.

500k - Condo Status Screen - Your condo is now so popular you have your very own info monitor that tells people where people are in your condo! Handy!

750k - Default Condo Diorama - A non-animated Diorama that is an exact scale replica of the default condo. Place it in your other abodes to remind yourself that its the home you always started with!

1 Million - Condo: Modern Flat - A nice, open apartment atop a building on a coastal resort not far off of Lobby 3. Getting this means you’re the best of the best when it comes to Condos!

Of course this isnt a definite list, just a set of ideas for good milestones.

As for condo EXP, I’d like to suggest that people who visit or host condos with other people in them be awarded slightly more exp than people who just sit alone in their condos, in order to encourage people to both visit and host.

I’d also like to suggest a readjustment of the scales in order to have Bronze trophies at 100k for all gameworlds and plaza/condo activities, and a new “Platinum” Trophy to take the 750k spot. (It would look like a bluish-white metallic trophy with the glowing effects of the Diamond trophy.) This would allow the Bronze to be more easily obtained and worth the actual effort for such rather than it be difficult to initially get.

Maybe some more interactable milestones? I really like the wine gift basket, but I think it’d work better if only the owner could use it infinitely (don’t want to completely remove the point of buying alchohol from only the first milestone)

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the wine gift basket would be too similar to the gmt V.I.P basket imo


Yeah, I like most of these other ideas, but the first milestone would be too similar to the VIP basket legacy donors got. I also don’t really like the idea of locking a condo behind what would be hours of grind at the current EXP rate, but at the same time I don’t hate it either, having a new condo as a milestone would be pretty unique.

I also love the idea of platinum trophys, I think they would look good with the other trophys available.


plus if it were to be endless it should really be moved up the list
possibly this:
100k - Plaza Fountain
250k - Condo Status Screen
500k - Default Condo Diorama
750k - Wine Basket
and for the 1M mark I don’t really think an entire condo should be a milestone item really.

Not sure where the plaza fountain fits in as a condo milestone here.


Eh, the condo was just a random thought. I’m honestly not sure what should be a 1M benchmark for milestones to be honest.

I think a condo would be awesome as a milestone. It would be the best way to show how much you love the game. Even if it isn’t a massive condo

I hope it’d be a closet so I can get the broom closet ending


The broom closet ending is my favourite.